Haunted Pub Crawl

Hoist a pint or three inside the bowels of old Wilmington’s most actively haunted pubs. Hear eerie tales that will both shiver ye timbers and make ye laugh so hard ye’ll swab the decks. From the disreputable obsession of the merry wench Gallus Meg to the barbarous haunts of a notorious madman, ye’ll be beggin’ to be keelhauled before it’s all over. This unique 2.5-hour adventure is closed to ye cabin boys and girls so in order to touch this booty ye must be 21 or older and prove it. The Captain will trim ye sheets at 7:15 PM and voyage to up to five haunted pubs, depending on the strength of ye landlubbers sea-legs after the first four. Due to death, disease and bouts of jolly roger laughter this tour is not recommended for the weak of heart, mind, liver or kidney, however, catheter devices, bladder buddies and absorbent undergarments are always welcome. Limited crew size means the decks fill quickly and once full, tours are closed off – so make ye reservations early!
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Haunted Pub Crawl

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